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Joe Carreno
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Joe Carreno, Financial Advisor

The Retirement Advantage


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About Joe Carreno

For over 30-years Joe Carreno of The Retirement Advantage has been a Federal Employee Retirement System specialist (FERS) as well as a Florida Retirement System specialist (FRS) independent advocate. An affiliate of PSRE (Public Sector Retirement Educators), a Federal Contractor & Registered Vendor to the Federal Government, also an affiliate of TSP Withdrawal Consultants.We will help you understand your FERS & FRS Benefits, TSP & Florida D.R.O.P. withdrawal options in detail while recognizing & maximizing all concurrent alternatives available.Our primary goal is to guide you into retirement with no regrets; safe, predictable, stable, for life. We look forward to visiting with you.

Recent Reviews

01 Apr, 2022

Great guy, really knows his stuff


01 Apr, 2022

Joe has been so patient and really breaks down the information we wanted about our retirement benefits.


04 Mar, 2022

I just love Joe Carreno. We had such trouble deciding what to do and Joe made our decisions so easy. I couldn\'t have done it without Joe.

Carol P


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