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Many current and former Postal Employees Are REQUIRED to transition to PSHB.

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Understanding the shift from FEHB to PSHB can be daunting. At Public Sector Retirement Educators, we offer more than just training; we provide peace of mind. Our comprehensive PSHB training covers not only PSHB but also private market concepts like Medicare Parts C & D.

You’ll gain access to expert guidance on managing your new health benefits and exploring additional coverage options tailored to your needs. Our training is easily accessible, on-demand, and ADA-compliant, ensuring you can learn at your own pace and convenience. Don’t miss out on crucial Postal Service Health Benefits information!

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“I had so many questions about my health benefits after the recent change. The training answered all of them and more. The on-demand format was perfect for me”

– Mary T., Current Postal Employee

“The training covered everything I needed to know about my health benefits transition. The additional Medicare Parts C & D information was a bonus. Fantastic resource!”

– Karen L., Retired Postal Worker

“I didn’t know where to start with my health benefits change. This training was a lifesaver. It gave me all the answers I needed.”

– George M., Retired Postal Worker

At, we understand that your health benefits are a crucial part of your retirement planning. Our training not only explains the transition from FEHB to PSHB but also delves into additional options available through the private market. You’ll learn how to maximize your benefits and ensure you have the coverage you need for a secure future. Our user-friendly, on-demand training is designed to be accessible for everyone, providing you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Join the thousands of postal employees who have already benefited from our expert training. Don’t miss out on crucial Postal Service Health Benefits information! Register for free access today and take control of your health benefits!


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