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Medical Retirement: Calculating FERS Disability Benefits

If you become disabled, you should probably take an instant …

FERS OPM Medical Retirement – The Zigzagging Life

Certain medical conditions and health issues develop with age and limit the efficiency of a person’s working ability. Such medical conditions are common for many federal employees, forcing them to live a zigzagging life working daily with critical disabilities an…

How To Use Your TSP When You Retire and The Options You Have

In the event of my retirement, what should I do with my Thrift Savings Plan (

The Premium Rate Charts for the FEHB in 2023 Are Now Available

According to projections by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), federal employees and ret…

Solving Pressing Issues on Social Security, Earning Limits for Retirements

There are usually a couple of questions bugging retirees’ minds or people close to retirement age. We have put together some of these common questions and addressed them. Please go through them as they would undoubtedly be helpful when making future decisions.