FERS OPM Medical Retirement – Cues And Missteps

There are mistakes made and indications overlooked during every phase of life. The actions one takes before submitting a Federal Disability Retirement application under FERS are crucial for federal employees and U.S. Postal Service workers who have a physical illness that prevents them from continuing in their career field as a federal employee within FERS. One should avoid cues and missteps when applying for FERS OPM medical retirement. Therefore, we are here with common mistakes federal employees make during Federal Disability Retirement claims. 

Cues And Missteps

Ignoring Prescription Medications

OPM assesses the plausibility of your claim by assessing whether you’ve gotten help for your disease and adhered to your doctor’s advice therapy.  They could assume that your ailment isn’t as severe and debilitating as you claim it is if you don’t take your prescriptions as directed.

Making Your Impairment Seem Worse

You shouldn’t minimize the effects of your impairment or downplay its symptoms, but you also needn’t strive to make your situation appear worse than it is.

Investigators of federal disabilities will search for discrepancies between the facts you submit and the conclusions of your physician. It’s always preferable to be upfront and honest.

Putting In A Lot Of Effort At Work While Requesting Disability Retirement

To qualify for FDR payments, you must give up your employment or work fewer hours if your gross monthly income exceeds $1,040, the threshold for significant gainful activity. Even if you receive less than the minimum amount, the OPM will consider your ability to work for an extended period.

Not Obtaining Constant And Ongoing Medical Care

Even if you may be too ill to work, you won’t be eligible for disability allowance based on your statement. To prove that your health condition prevents you from working, you must present credible health records, which you can only accomplish if you receive regular, ongoing treatment for your disease.

Not Doing Research

Applying for Federal Disability Retirement benefits involves much more than just filling out and delivering papers. Do your research if you wish to increase your chances of earning benefits. Before you apply, understand the benefits accessible to you and the requirements for receiving them, and become organized.

Final Words

Don’t ignore the signals you need to recognize as you prepare for a FERS disability retirement; don’t allow your efforts to be derailed by mistakes. It is essential to speak with a law practitioner who focuses on Federal Disability Retirement Law to avoid making it more challenging to obtain clearance from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management due to the ignorance of vital signs and careless mistakes.

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Rick Viader is a Federal Retirement Consultant that uses proven strategies to help federal employees achieve their financial goals and make sure they receive all the benefits they worked so hard to achieve.

In helping federal employees, Rick has seen the need to offer retirement plan coaching where Human Resources departments either could not or were not able to assist. For almost 14 years, Rick has specialized in using federal government benefits and retirement systems to maximize retirement incomes.

His goals are to guide federal employees to achieve their financial goals while maximizing their retirement incomes.

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