FERS OPM Medical Retirement The True Reconsideration

OPM handles the US government’s civilian workers. They manage health insurance, retirement savings, and recruiting for nearly 2 million workers. Customer service might suffer when a company handles so many people’s concerns.

Compiling a request can take time and effort when inexperienced with OPM system standards. Pines Federal’s OPM retirement lawyers have years of expertise in managing OPM’s specific problems.

We can help if your retirement or disability rights are at risk. Have you quit your government employment but want federal retirement or disability benefits? OPM Disability Retirement may be available. To book a consultation with our Federal OPM Disability Retirement Lawyers, contact us.

OPM Disability Retirement Eligibility?

OPM determines disability retirement eligibility. Federal disability retirement benefits need numerous qualifications.

Service Eligibility

Any reputable OPM disability retirement lawyer will tell you that all federal employees are entitled to disability payments under FERS or CSRS after 18 months or five years of service, respectively.

OPM must approve disability retirement petitions. CSRS applies only to government workers employed before 1987 who can convert to FERS.

Disability Standards

OPM disability retirement requires sickness or injury-related disability. It must disable you for at least a year; your disease’s uncertain end date is OK too. Short-term injuries and illnesses do not qualify for disability.

However, any disabled person need not be work-related. Then our federal employment lawyers can assess your situation and advise you.

Agency Accommodations Must Fail

After catastrophic sickness or injury, government employees often request reasonable accommodation. The agency must find reasonable accommodation to help you work. If no such capacity exists, the agency must find comparable employment you can do with your impairment.

Your agency must attest that it cannot accommodate your handicap in your position of record and cannot transfer you to a similar role for OPM disability. A skilled OPM disability lawyer will help you with this challenging phase.


Disability retirement requires two more steps when your agency separates you. After federal service, you have a limited period to file for disability retirement.

Apply for federal disability retirement benefits within one year after leaving the national service. If you delay, you may forfeit your federal disability benefits.

Work and Get Benefits?

You can work while applying for or receiving OPM Disability Retirement. Even on minimal duties. Your OPM disability retirement attorney will inform you of these and other aspects.

However, if you are refused at the initial round, we may help you with the OPM reconsideration appeal and the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) appeal. Please feel free to call us for any OPM Disability Retirement case evaluation.

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