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Divorce and CSRS: How Does it Affect Your Retirement Benefits?

Key Takeaways:
Divorce can significantly impact your CSRS pension and survivor benefits.Understanding the legal processes and strategies for protecting your benefits is crucial during a divorce.

How to Handle FEHB Coverage During and After Divorce

Key Takeaways:
Understanding FEHB eligibility and coverage rules is crucial for managing health insurance during and after di…

Learn About the Role of Court Orders in Dividing Federal Retirement Benefits

Key Takeaways:
Court orders such as QDROs and COAPs play a crucial role in dividing federal retirement benefits during a divorce.Properly drafting, submitting, and ensuring compliance with these court orders are essential steps to pr…

How You can Receive Spousal or Divorced Benefits as a Social Security Recipient

More and more retirees are boosting their overall Social Security benefits each month, even if they never worked a day in their life. Individuals who are 62 years old or more, or are the parent of a qualifying child, with a current or former spouse currently claiming retirement benefits, may be eligible to receive spousal… Continue reading How You can Receive Spousal or Divorced Benefits as a Social Security Recipient

Divorce or Separation and Federal Benefits?

Even federal workers and retirees get divorced. When it does happen, it has an impact on a variety of living circumstances, including yo…

How Social Security Disability Benefits Link with Medicare

A health insurance policy is essential if you have a disability. The fortunate thing is that you become qualified for