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Plan Your Income Streams in Retirement

As you plan for retirement, make sure you have various income streams in your bank account every month to keep your peace of mind throughout your golden years. After all, you don’t want to worry about your finances when you should relax after a lifetime of hard work!

Military Service Counts Towards Federal Retirement

Your employing agency is frequently required to collect any deposits made to them to receive military service credit before retirement. Owing to the procedural time needed, it is advisable to make arrangements well ahead of retirement. 

Ask your agency how long i…

How Coordination of Benefits May Impact FEHB Enrollees

According to the standard coordination of benefits rules established by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, or NAIC, the Federal Employees Health B…

Utilizing military service duration to qualify for a civil service retirement annuity

The possibility of obtaining retirement benefits premised on your civil service is one perk of working for the federal government. As a …